Paige Courtney

Black is Brilliant: The Multimedia Experience

Every February I post a book list of black literature. Although I highly recommend that you take the time to read the works I have chosen to showcase this year, I would also like to provide videos of three brilliant black authors. I believe the brilliance of black literature can inspire a love and appreciation of black culture that will lead our society beyond the notion of mere tolerance to an authentic appreciation of the beauty and necessity of diversity. In fact, social scientist and Jesuit priest, Fr. John LaFarge asserts:

“For, justice alone, even though most faithfully observed, can remove indeed the cause of social strife, but can never bring about a union of heart and minds. Yet this union, binding men together is the main principle of stability in all institutions, no matter how perfect they may seem, which aim at establishing social peace and mutual aid."

If America wishes to move beyond a superficial tolerance to mutual appreciation, the union of hearts and minds must be our goal. And one of the best ways of uniting diverse individuals, besides the arduous task of friendship, is to consume the art of the other we wish to approach.