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Sacred Remedy

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Why Sacred Remedy?

This book has been years in the making, but after the summer of 2020 I had a sense of urgency to adapt it to the needs of our society and to publish it as soon as possible. 

I was originally inspired by the concept of Fraternal Charity, or love of neighbor. Fraternal Charity is that sacred remedy to the the sin of racism that has been plaguing our nation for centuries. Justice is necessary and effective, but falls short of the hearts of men. Only God's grace can pour forth the healing necessary to bring about the radical racial reconciliation America so desperately needs.

So when our nation erupted once again into race riots, I realized that even more prayer is necessary. So I adapted the various meditations on race to include traditional Catholic prayer exercises such as the rosary and the stations of the cross. I also included a chapter on Black Saints so that Catholics may venerate the holiness expressed in black culture. Thus Sacred  Remedy is a deeply personal, prayerful response to the sin of racism in America.


Sacred Remedy is designed for personal prayer and reflection.


Sacred Remedy also contains discussion questions and prayer exercises that can be used in a group setting.


Sacred Remedy can also be the foundation for a parish or workplace professional development or retreat.

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