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Sacred Remedy

As a black American Catholic, born and raised in the south, I am often asked, "How can you belong to a racist Church?" This prayer book is my deeply personal response to that persistent question. The Catholic church is not racist, but too many American Catholics have not yet repented of the sin of racism. This prayer book contains meditations and traditional Catholic prayers, as well as profiles on black Saints, in an effort to inspire individuals, groups and communities to prayerfully build a Culture of Fraternal Charity.

Black, Yellow and White Modern Business

Feminist Prose is my book that traces the historical origins of Feminism and pairs history with the concept of the New Feminism as defined by Pope St. John Paul II. 

This books aims to denounce the radical ideologies of secular feminism to reaffirm a Christian feminism as inspirited by the saints such as Edith Stein and the matriarchs of scripture. This Christian feminism is actually not new but simply a return to the original philosophy of the American suffragettes.

My hope is to extend an olive branch to the modern secular feminist, to join in solidarity with the movement to end oppression and to evangelize those open to the wisdom of revelation.

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