Paige Courtney

The Wisdom of the Fathers

I am studying the Church Fathers with a group of thirty-somethings at my parish. I was feeling pretty salty after I aged out of the Young Adult ministries, so I joined forces with other parishioners my age to form a group of grown folks, 30+. One of the participants choose Handed Down by James L Papandrea. It is a history of the Church Fathers written as an apology for Catholics to use in ecumenical dialogue. However I am finding that it is nourishing my own weak faith more so than empowering me to win converts.

We are slowly making our way through the text, reading only about 10 pages a week as a group, and then discussing the rich content. We realized for our purposes that we were too busy to read independently, so we come together to read and dialogue on a weekly basis. We also pray the liturgy of the hours and lift up the special intentions of each participant.