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Paige Courtney

A New Pentecost in Nashville

This Saturday June 3rd the Most Reverend David R. Choby, Bishop of Nashville, passed away. Bishop Choby suffered a fall in February and died from complications of his most recent surgery to regain mobility.

A beautiful commemorative video from the Diocese of Nashville may be found here.

As a staff person of the diocese, I can say Bishop Choby was not only my boss and spiritual leader, but he was a role model and a friend, and he will be missed. Our Bishop allocated the priests and financial resources to re-structure college ministry in Nashville to be the vibrant ministry that it is today. He brought FOCUS missionaries to Nashville and he has supported all of our catechetical endeavors, mission trips and service opportunities. He was wise to recognize that a solid investment in campus ministry not only brought growth to the diocese of Nashville, but also growth to our seminary. Under the leadership of Bishop Choby our missionary diocese, a little over 3% Catholic, has grown and boasts of 34 seminarians.

Bishop Choby will be missed.

I was reflecting on the life and legacy of our beloved Bishop when it also occurred to me that he died on the vigil of Pentecost. I have noticed that many holy people go to the Lord on the vigil of a big church feast, such as Pope John Paul II who died on Holy Saturday.

How appropriate that our successor of the apostles went to the Lord on the great feast where the apostles received the seal of the Holy Spirit. Even more appropriate when considering that Bishop Choby was supportive of the charismatic renewal in our diocese.

Although we mourn the loss of our beloved shepherd, we also look forward in hope to a new Pentecost in Nashville. Bishop Choby has left us with a firm foundation to continue to allow the Holy Spirit to renew and transform the church in Nashville. Requiescat in Pace.

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