Paige Courtney

Not Afraid

A colleague recently called me out on my fear. We were getting to know each other and she told me about her ministry, her family and her future goals. Then she asked me to share my passion.

"Writing," I replied without hesitation.

"Do you have a blog?"

"Well I used to have a blog...I don't know. I thought about starting one again..."

"That sounds like a bunch of excuses, what are you afraid of?"

That was the question that broke my silence. What am I afraid of? I LOVE to write. So here I am, I will not be governed by fear, I am not afraid, I was born to write.

It is time to share my thoughts, my business, my charism.

I want to use the Catholic intellectual traditional to inform our modern experience.

I am a teacher and I created a tutoring business to empower students to develop and discipline their intellects.

I am a Black Catholic seeking to share the African-American experience within the Catholic Church with the world at large in order to demonstrate how a true fraternal charity is born of faith and reconciliation.

I am breaking my silence. This is my blog. I am not afraid. I was born to do this.

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